I'm Montanan born and raised. I'm here to address you tourists who are considering vacationing in the 406 and give an inside view of what you'll see and do while you're here.

The Gas Ain't Cheap in Montana

First up, gasoline is over three bucks a gallon for regular. If you run premium, you're paying $3.64 for each and every gallon.

There's No Such Thing as a "Fast Pass" for Our Attractions

Do you like long lines? Great news. Pick a national park--Yellowstone or Glacier--and you'll get to see everything those places have to offer as you creep along at a snail's pace. If your choice is Glacier National Park, don't forget to get your ticket to be admitted. Passes for private vehicles are thirty-five bucks this time of year. Your cost does not include any camping fees. You motorcyclists will also pay thirty-five bucks. Or you can opt for the Annual Pass for seventy bucks. It's good for one year.

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There are several days each year that there is no entry fee charged. One of those is next week. Wednesday, August 4, is celebrating one year since the passing of The Great American Outdoors Act. THAT should be a fun day in the park.

Don't Think that Expedia, Kayak or Any Other Service Will Help With Travel Costs

If you get the Bozeman area (or Boze-Angeles, as my friends who live there call it), make sure and hit the Museum of The Rockies. Kids get in for $10.50 and adults are $16.50 Not bad. But you might want to try and reserve a room before you get to town. One night at The Super 8 with one queen bed is ......$289 for the night of July 31 according to wyndamhotels.com. I would venture to guess that your hotel taxes aren't included.

This summer we are also offering unlimited smoke while you visit.

Welcome to Big Sky Country.

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