My 16-year-old kid just landed his first "real job" this week and he's ecstatic about the prospect of making his own money. He got his employee badge, vest and work schedule on Tuesday and he starts his first shift this weekend in the freight department at the Laurel Wal-Mart. He's thrilled to be making $15 an hour, which honestly sounds pretty decent for an entry-level, part-time employee with absolutely zero job experience.

As the school season starts to wind down, many high school kids are likely looking for their summer job too. Some kids may find employment through connections at a family business or at their parents company. Other young job-seekers might start their search online. Billings has a number of great companies that often hire teens 16 and older. State law allows 14-year-olds to work, with a number of restrictions.

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If you're encouraging your kid to work instead of wasting their summer vacation on the X-box, here are some options to check out:


City Brew.

The biggest locally-owned coffee chain in town is always hiring and they hire 16 and up.

Geyser Park.

Getting paid to basically host parties sounds pretty fun and Geyser Park hires teens.

Chuck E Cheese.

The OG pizza-and-games establishment hires teens.

Dairy Queen.

One parent we spoke with said her teenager and friends have frequently found summer employment at one of the areas 3 DQ locations.


Hey, if they'll hire my kid (for $15 an hour, no less!), maybe they'll give your kid a job too. They offer flexible shifts and the retailer is always hiring for nearly every department.


The Y is getting ready for their extremely busy summer season and they hire tons of teens for various positions.

Billings Parks & Recreation.

The city hires teens for a number of summer opportunities, like working at the swimming pools or lawn care positions.


If your kid is into sporting goods, Scheel's might be a great option. They hire 16 and up for cashier positions and the person I spoke with said they're always hiring.


Yeah, it's fast food. But McDonald's does a great job of teaching young employees how corporations operate and they provide excellent training.

We'd love to hear what your first summer job was. Drop us a note in the Comments or tap the Message Us button on the Mobile App.

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