To hear Montana’s GOP Chairman Don K speak, state Republicans dominated Tuesday’s all mail-in primary.

“We had a record turnout in yesterday’s primary, especially in the Republican Party,” said ‘K’. “The last I saw it looked like we had a lift from 2016 for Republican ballots of about 60,000 more which is a lot, that’s about 10 percent of the total registered vote.”

Don K said the numbers were impressive as the evening went on in Tuesday’s primary.

“The numbers were coming in almost like it was a general election,” he said. “That just goes to show you how important it is. Now, to be fair the Democrat party did have a 20,000 lift, but if you really look, that’s about 3 Republican ballots to one Democrat ballot, sp clearly, the enthusiasm is on our side.”

Don K acknowledged that the U.S. Senate race will be tough, with Governor Steve Bullock capturing the Democratic nomination.

“Steve Daines couldn’t be more different than his opponent Governor Bullock,” he said. “Let’s face it. When we look where Bullock stands on the issues, from gun bans to ammunition, Bullock doesn’t care about ammunition, that’s for sure. Also, sanctuary cities to impeaching the President, Bullock is closer to (Senator) Chuck Schumer and the far left, who recruited him, by the way, than he is to Montana.”

Don K also said he also believes that Greg Gianforte will be elected over present Lt. Governor Mike Cooney in the November general election, due to Gianforte’s business experience and that fact that Cooney has no business experience, having been in politics since the 1970’s.

KGVO is awaiting a call back from Montana Democratic headquarters.

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