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"Montana very much has the eyes of the country on it." That's how Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) opened up his remarks alongside Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) in Montana on Thursday morning.

With just 5 days to go before election day, both Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Montana Senator Steve Daines were in the house in our "Montana Talks" radio studio Thursday morning.

Cruz says Montana could decide who controls the United States Senate this election:

CRUZ: You're blessed you have got a fantastic senator in Steve Daines. But you're deciding not just your senator, this race it could easily decide whether Chuck Schumer is empowered to ram through a radical agenda that I fully believe- God forbid if we wake up and Joe Biden has won and Nancy Pelosi has the House, that if Schumer gets the Senate- the three of them will do more damage in two years than Barack Obama did in eight.


Both Cruz and Daines said Montanans can decide who controls the senate, but it all comes down to turnout on election day. Daines says, if conservatives show up to vote- the race will be won.

What is driving so many people to the polls in places like Texas, and elsewhere? Are people ticked off at the China virus, blaming Donald Trump, and then they'll show up to vote for China's candidate Joe Biden? Or, are people so fed up with the rioting, and the looting, and the other nonsense that they will show up in huge support for President Trump and the GOP?

CRUZ: Everyone on the far Left, they are pissed off right now. They hate the president. And they will crawl over broken glass to show up. We are seeing record shattering turnout in Texas, in Montana, all across the country. And the hard Left, the people who are just motivated by 'I can't stand Donald Trump'- they're showing up. Now the good news, in Montana and Texas, is there are a whole lot more of the rest of us- of just common sense conservatives. People believe in low taxes, low regulations, lots of jobs, people who care about our Constitutional rights. There are a lot more of us, but we have got to show up. If for whatever reason we stay home, this becomes a very ugly election because the numbers on the other side are massive.

Check out the full audio of our chat with Steve Daines and Ted Cruz:

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