We try to keep you all up to speed on all of the big stuff in the news. When it comes to liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) we could do nothing but report on some of the crazy things he is up to in Washington, DC.

Here's a big story that looks like it is getting ignored by most in the Montana media. The story is getting ignored even though a national outlet, Politico, is covering it, and even though liberal Senator Jon Tester campaigned against lobbyist cash, and against lobbyists writing bills for members of Congress.

Tester has been the number one recipient of lobbyist cash. Below is a clip of Jon Tester bashing his opponent in the 2012 US Senate race for having lobbyists write bills for him. But, as Politico reports, Tester had a lobbyist do that very thing for him.

While Tester pretends to be just a normal every day kind of guy, the Washington Free Beacon lays it out:

During his inaugural Senate bid, for example, Tester said it's "not right" for lawmakers to hire lobbyists as staff. The Democrat in April tapped a former lobbyist to lead his campaign. Tester was also Congress's top recipient of lobbyist cash in 2018, and his campaign has spent more than a million dollars at swanky Beltway restaurants since 2006...


Tester had another doozy recently where he claimed Joe Biden helped secure our Southern Border.

Tester also refuses to cut federal spending and instead wants to automatically raise the debt ceiling.

Florida Congressman Byron Donalds later called him out on that same network, CNN.

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