Golf is a hard sport. It can be frustrating and annoying at times.

So let's change it up just a little.

The ArmiLite Rifle, known as the AR-15 is capable of taking on all sorts of accessories. The list is quite long.

Add to that list a golf ball launcher.

You can see what I mean in the video below.

Yes, the perfect gift for that gun-loving guy or gal in your life. No matter if they have an AR-15 already or not. Just buy this attachment and go golfing.

Though I am not sure if this will be excepted on most golf courses. Might want to check first.

The golf ball attachment to the gun looks kind of like a noise suppressor.

Believe it or not, you can buy this attachment right off the shelf.

It will attach to any AR that has a threaded barrel.

Drop the ball down into the tube. Load the magazine with blanks.

The gun will now shoot that ball about 400 yards.

Scroll to about 2:40 into the video to see the ball leave the gun in slow motion.

Later in the video, he shoots a toilet bowl lid to see what kind of damage it will do.

There is nothing left of the lid.

Okay, so the gun is good for that long shot.

I guess you use a lighter round for the chip shot.

Maybe you putt by holding the barrel and using the butt end.

So, do you want to go golfing now?

You can fit this attachment to other guns as well.

Just always use blanks to shoot.

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