We might not have the tallest buildings in Montana, but at least we have the best views during the sunset. 

When it comes to buildings in Montana, you won't see any towering skyscrapers like in big cities like Chicago or Seattle, but there are a few tall buildings in Montana that have beautiful views from the top. The question is, what is the tallest building in Montana, and where is it? 

24/7 Tempo came out with a list of the Tallest Buildings in Every State, and Montana's tallest building is located in the most populated city. The tallest building in Montana is the First Interstate Bank building in downtown Billings. The building was constructed in 1985 and is only 20 floors tall. 

That might not seem tall compared to skyscraper terms, but for Montana, that is plenty tall enough. Montana is a place where buildings tend to be larger by space than by how tall they are. Though, I wouldn't expect the First Interstate Building to be the tallest in Montana for very much longer. 

In Bozeman, we have seen a surge of tall high-rise apartments, hotels, and office buildings over the past few years. If you want to know the tallest building in Bozeman, that's either the Baxter Hotel or the Kimpton Armory Hotel. I will say though, the Kimpton Armory Hotel does have an exquisite view from its rooftop. 

Kimpton Armory Hotel via Facebook
Kimpton Armory Hotel via Facebook

Now that we know what the tallest building in Montana is, I would love to know what the largest building is by square footage. That would be amazing to find out. 

For more details on the tallest building in Montana, check out 24/7 Tempo

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