Cue up Jerry Maguire and "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

If you're a Montana taxpayer, chances are- you already got your income tax rebates in your bank account. Tuesday marks day one for you to also apply for your property tax rebates.

The Montana Senate GOP sent out this nice friendly reminder recently:

Here's how it works:

For example, if a taxpayer owes $425 in property taxes on a principal Montana residence in 2022, he or she would receive a $425 rebate.

If a taxpayer owes $1,200 in property taxes on a principal Montana residence in 2022, the taxpayer would receive a $675 rebate.

How to apply:

Taxpayers must file a claim for the Property Tax Rebate. They can do this by either filing online through TAP or by submitting a paper form (*starting Tuesday*). Filing online is fast and easy and allows us to process your rebate claim quickly.

As we told you earlier this year, The Republican Supermajority in the Montana Legislature and Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) delivered over a billion dollars in tax relief and tax rebates for Montanans. Governor Gianforte told us how Yellowstone County alone would receive over $45 million in tax relief. That's money that can now stay and be put to use in your own communities instead of growing government in Helena.

Will you be taxed on these rebates? Check out the answer I reported on previously by clicking here.

I also had a few listeners ask the question- did any of the Democrats in the Montana Legislature support any of the tax cuts or tax relief that got signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT)?

The answer: Yes. Not many. But some, and only on some bills. Click here for the breakdown.

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