They're not just targeting gun companies and gun manufacturers anymore, they're targeting all of their political opponents, even Christians, with their "woke" de-banking strategy- and Montana's Attorney General is leading the charge against it.

Keep an eye on our podcast page for our full chat with Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) along with a separate chat with Lathan Watts, a vice president for the Alliance Defending Freedom. (Knudsen was on Thursday in the 9 a.m. hour, while Watts was on Wednesday in the 8 a.m. hour)

Knudsen has been pushing back on woke, discriminatory banking practices targeting the gun industry for quite some time now. His latest efforts focused on big banks like Wells Fargo.

Remember when Saturday Night Live mocked President Trump for using the term "de-banking?" They ended up becoming the butt of their own joke. That's what Lathan Watts told us earlier this week.

Watts: A simple Internet search of the term de-banking would have cleared that up for them, so I don't know if it was willful ignorance on their is real, and it is a term and common parlance, but more concerning is that the actual practice is real.

Our listeners here in Montana are very familiar with how the large financial institutions are trying to de-bank gun businesses or gun purchases across the board- but this isn't just about guns and the Second Amendment. That was obviously one of the first targets of the radical left de-banking strategy, but now it is about more than even just guns.

Watts: Unfortunately, we've seen this happen based on religious and or political ideology. So it's not just a Second Amendment issue, it's a First Amendment issue. We have clients in Tennessee, a Christian charity called Indigenous Advanced Ministries, that Bank of America just really for no reason other than saying- we don't want to do business with your business type anymore- and let's be clear about what they do, they support and provide aid to women, children in Uganda. I mean, they're literally feeding starving people, and Bank of America just abruptly canceled their bank account, and also canceled the account of a local church that was supporting the ministry.

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Vice President Jeremy Tedesco also testified about de-banking on Capitol Hill during a government weaponization hearing that also featured renowned Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson. Video below.

By the way, the AG's in Texas and Utah are also solid and frequently join AG Knudsen in a number of these legal battles.



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