It becomes more clear each and every day why Americans are turning away from this current administration and the democrats in general. The elections on Tuesday should have been a wake-up call to that party but instead, they're flooring it.

Today the Biden administration and OSHA have just announced a vaccine mandate for some 80 to 100 million Americans. Companies with 100 or more employees must have their employees vaccinated by January 4th or have them tested weekly. Businesses that fail to comply will be fined $14,000 per violation. More Information here.

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The Biden administration gave the go-ahead with this plan back in September which gives you 60 days. Now many of the workers in this country have already been vaccinated but many choose not to and many have already had covid and have the natural immunity. I don't know how many companies in Billings have over 100 employees but it's quite a few.

The weekly test will at least give people the option of not getting vaccinated, but who knows how long that option will be available until they change it. The first thing that comes to mind is School District 2. They have over 100 employees.  So what are they going to do? They just signed a new agreement. Is that now void? What about the kids now that almost all of them are over 5. Will they have to be vaccinated or will all students now be tested every week?

They have now just created another freakin mess that will confuse Americans even more and add to their political suicide.

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