Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming recently spoke at a Senate hearing and offered a variety of opinions on the Biden Administration's $.9 Trillion spending bill, as well as budget issues regarding what Democrats in the Senate think they should be spending money on.

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"As President Biden has said repeatedly, he said, 'if you want to know somebody's values, look at their budget,'" Barrasso opened. "Well, that's what we are doing Mr. President, because I believe that President Biden is right. If the American people want to know the Democrats' values, all we need to do is look at the budget."

Barrasso went on to compare the intentions of both Republicans and Democrats when it comes to budgeting.

"Democrats are making clear what they stand for," Barrasso stated. "It seems that they're standing for teachers unions and job-crushing mandates on American businesses."

Barrasso continued, stating that "Republicans stand for ending the pandemic, for getting people back to work, for getting kids back to school."

"The differences could not be more clear," Barrasso continued.

Barrasso also stated that he believes "Wyoming feels like we are being targeted by President Biden because of his ban on oil and gas exploration  on public lands."

He continued, saying that "Those projects are a major source of jobs in my home state. They fund our schools, our roads, our bridges, our teachers, our students; additional services for working families."

Senator Barrasso had a lot more to say in his 14-minute speech, and the video of his entire speech can be seen below.

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