Love him, hate him, somewhere in the middle, it does not matter. Donald Trump coming to Wyoming is a big deal for the state that gave more votes per capita in his favor than any other state. HUGE!

Therefore it is important to hear from the former president before he arrives in Casper Wyoming for his rally on Saturday.

In this interview, which you can watch in the video below, the former president talked about the "swamp" that is the bureaucracy of Washington DC. The inflationary mess and economic wreck that the nation is in, and why we need new blood in DC.

So what does he plan to do about it? Well, he's stacking the deck in his favor. Go ahead with your "TRUMP CARD" jokes.

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That includes getting rid of the current establishment members of the GOP that have been in DC too long.

While he did speak about Liz Cheney I pressed him more about why he was endorsing Harriet Hageman over the other candidates who are vying for the office of U.S. House Of Representatives for Wyoming.

Those who are attending the Trump rally on Saturday will have to deal with seeing this billboard on the way to the event.

attachment-Hegman Trump Billboard Casper

That billboard says too much Cowboy State Daily wrote an entire article on it

I pressed Trump on why he chose her to endorse despite what she had said about him in the past.

Basically, he said that she had said those things before they knew each other.

He said that he chose Harriet because he thinks that of all the fine candidates for that office, she can actually win.

But it will be more about winning in Wyoming.

That's easy in a state where, currently, not one Democrat has announced that they are running, and even if they did they stand little chance of winning in such a Red Republican state.

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Yet not every Trump supporter in Wyoming cares that he endorsed Hageman. Winning the nomination is not in the bag for her- yet.

Here is my interview with President Donald Trump.

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