With sweeping victories for Republicans and Conservatives in key positions across state government in Montana, especially the changeover in the governor's office, Montana will have a real opportunity for economic recovery.

What should lawmakers start doing on day one of the legislative session in January? How can a newly elected Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) make moves to start cutting needless red tape and government regulations during his first month in office?

Kendall Cotton, CEO of the Frontier Institute, talked about the "Montana Recovery Agenda" that they have now published. Click here to read the document for yourself. You can also listen to Kendall Cotton as he joined us on our "Montana Talks" radio show with Aaron Flint. Download our Montana Talks app for access to that and other podcasts, or you can click here to find it through Google.

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Credit Kendall Cotton
Credit Kendall Cotton

A new free market think tank has officially launched in Montana. Frontier Institute President and CEO Kendall Cotton joined us on Tuesday's Montana Talks radio show.

We covered everything from mail in voting, to coal markets, hospital capacity, and contract tracing efforts for COVID-19. Check out our full audio below.

The Frontier Institute describes themselves as an organization that "elevates objective research and powerful stories to cultivate informed civic leaders dedicated to breaking down government barriers so that all Montanans can thrive."

Cotton told us about a recent poll concerning COVID-19 contact tracing efforts in Montana. The poll was commissioned by the Frontier Institute. According to Cotton, the poll showed that 65% of Montanans are "willing to cooperate with contact tracing efforts, with half of respondents expressing concern about sharing their private information with public health officials."

What was one of the most interesting takeaways, from Cotton's perspective?

Montana’s economic recovery during this pandemic depends on the success of public health efforts, but a lot of people won’t cooperate because they fear for their privacy. Legislation to protect privacy rights could be an effective tool for policymakers to increase cooperation with contact tracing and boost Montana’s economy.

Listen to our full conversation below:


By the way, you can also listen to our conversation with Kendall Cotton on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint podcast" page.

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