Some of you have probably heard me use the term "MonDakistan" on the radio before. One of our listeners is from Savage- so I'll joke that we got a message from Tim in MonDakistan on the Montana North Dakota border.

When I served with the military in Eastern Afghanistan, I remember learning about how the Pashtun tribal lands crossed both Afghanistan and Pakistan borders- so while there were two different countries, you could often find similar people and similar cultures.

That's why I joke that parts of Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota are so similar that we could collectively refer to it as "MonDakistan." Heck, how many parents in Eastern Montana are more likely to send their kids to North Dakota for college instead of a Montana university?

Speaking of MonDakistan- I'll be broadcasting LIVE from the 45th Annual GATE Show in Glendive this Friday, February 10th, 2023. GATE stands for Glendive Agricultural Trade Exposition, and this is very cool- they are going to have an entire row featuring products made in Montana or North Dakota.

We are having a Mondak Row this year with vendors that feature products made in Montana or North Dakota.

Whether your interest is in animal genetics, seed stock and crop varieties; or new and used equipment, this is the place to gather and be kept abreast of new ideas – and the food provided by the Glendive Cowbelles is always a hit.

If anyone in Glendive or the Sidney areas wants to come down and join us on the radio, stop down and see us at the "Montana Talks" booth on Friday. I should be there as early as 7 a.m. or so setting up.



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