This is a must-listen to overview of what is going in the Middle East with Israel and Hamas, and how the fascist regime in Iran is pulling the strings of terror. The University of Montana's Dr. Mehrdad Kia is not only Montana's leading expert on the Middle East, he is one of our nation's finest experts as well.

We caught up with Dr. Kia on our statewide radio show Friday.

Following the horrific terror attacks in Israel, where Hamas terrorists slaughtered entire families- innocent men, women, children and even infant babies- Dr. Kia started by describing who the history of this monstrous organization known as Hamas. He then tackled the question- what happens now?

We also looked at the role that the terror regime in Tehran, Iran plays in funding and supporting terrorism worldwide. Dr. Kia grew up in Tehran and fled just before the radical Islamists took over.

I actually e-mailed Dr. Kia several days before the attacks. The Biden Administration announced to Congress that they would be handing $6 Billion to Iran on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Then, we've had multiple reports of Biden Administration officials who are sympathetic to Iran, or are reportedly tied to an Iranian influence network.

Here's what Dr. Kia told me in response: "The behavior of the Biden administration toward the fascist regime in Iran is quite shameful."

Dr. Kia and I agreed upon the big picture of what is really happening. Iran is trying to disrupt the Arab-Israeli peace process that began under President Trump.

Dr. Kia: Who is most afraid of a peace treaty in the Arab world and Israel- it is Iran. Because it will be further isolated and it will allow Israel to enter into commerce, trade, tourism- a normalized relationship with the countries of the Persian Gulf- Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, and so on and so forth. And that's just next door to Iran. And, of course, the Iranian government has been still reeling from months of protests inside Iran calling for their overthrow. They're looking for a diversion. They're also looking for somehow to prevent the peace treaties between the Arab world and Israel to take place.

Dr. Kia says Russia and China will also benefit from a conflict in Israel.


Here's the full audio of our chat with Dr. Kia:

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