Those frozen wind turbines in Texas, which were no help in providing much-needed power during one of the biggest cold streaks the state had seen in 100 years, might actually be taking power from the grid.

Over the past week, I've spoken and written extensively about the problems with wind and solar and how these systems are anything but "green, affordable, sustainable, reliable energy."  (You can read that long list of problems at this link.)

But when I read that these energy platforms will actually draw power from the grid when the temperature gets below freezing I thought, "those people in Texas, who are shivering right now, are really not going to like this."

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The mechanisms in these units can be damaged by below-freezing temperatures. The fluids that grease the works can be harmed as well. So, when the turbines are not turning due to cold the power companies will actually send electricity to those turbines to keep them above freezing inside.

Wind turbines will actually consume electricity at these temperatures because the turbines use electric heaters in their gearboxes to keep the oil in the housing from freezing, which would cause damage to the turbine. During the 2019 Polar Vortex, wind turbines were consuming 2 MW of electricity. Wind turbines are a liability on the grid when the power is needed most. (CAE).

Texas electric grid operator says frozen wind turbines are hampering state's power output. These turbines in Texas have become roughly 10% of the states power, and that power was desperately needed.

There were a lot of promises made to the American people as government has been pushing what was a free market into this new power system. I'd say it's time to stop and take a good, hard look at what we are doing here.

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