Is Gary Cooper Montana's most famous actor? Could we use his wisdom for today and how crazy everything seems to be here in America? Check out this old quote.

Background: I had to give a speech in Dillon, Montana this past Saturday night. It was for a Lincoln Reagan Dinner in Beaverhead County- so that got me thinking about the 1980's and the Iron Curtain and how crazy everything is in America today. As a result, I was trying to find the audio of my conversation with Lawrence Reed, the president emeritus of FEE- the Foundation for Economic Education.

When Larry joined us on our statewide radio show, he shared an incredible story about the anti-communist underground resistance he spent time with back in 1986. He talked about how the resistance would operate an underground radio station in order to preach the message of freedom to their fellow freedom fighters in Poland.

I thought that conversation was pretty timely given the crazy things we have seen here in America in the past 3 years in particular given all of the crazy COVID lockdowns, mandates, and other political shenanigans.

Before I found the audio of my chat with Larry from back in October, I luckily stumbled across a post on his website at from back in February with this headline- "Montana's Greatest Hollywood Actor"

I thought this quote also applied perfectly to the situation facing America today.

Here's the quote and an intro from Larry:

Something Gary Cooper said decades ago seems even wiser advice today: “Our country is a young country that just has to make up its mind to be itself again."

By the way, if you find our "Montana Talks" with Aaron Flint podcast from October of 2022 that's where you can find the full conversation with Lawrence Reed.

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