Now that the China Spy Balloon travelled the entire length of the continental United States before finally being shot down, we figure it's about time we wrap up the week that was- "China Spy Balloon" week in Montana.

We gotta start off by giving a shout out to Michael Foth for his initial report first posted Wednesday night at 6 p.m, along with imagery support from our colleague Josh Rath. They and other locals in the news business like Larry Mayer from The Billings Gazette are ultimately why the Biden Administration finally went public with the China Spy Balloon news. Then on Friday, we heard news reports of a possible "explosion" over Billings, which could not be verified. Some people were also wondering why helicopters were flying over Billings Friday also.

After wrapping up 4 hours of LIVE radio coverage Friday morning, I did an interview with the BBC from the Summit Cigar Lounge in Billings. You can listen to the full podcast interview below. At one point I joked about how Montanans were calling on the Administration to shoot the spy balloon down. One caller from Bozeman said you're more likely to hit a cow than a person anyway. To which I joked that it would be a twofer: we shoot down the spy balloon, and then we enjoy some great Montana beef steaks at the BBQ afterwards.

The other point I made on the BBC interview that did not make the final portion of the podcast was how I see a "triad" of Chinese intelligence on the ground, and in the skies above Montana- home to the nuclear missile leg of our American "triad" of nuclear deterrence. The triad of Chinese intelligence? 1. A spy balloon over our heads. 2. The Communist Chinese reportedly buying land near our nuclear missile silos (we reported last Summer). 3. The Chinese spy device in how many Montanans pockets? Tik Tok.

Here's some other highlights wrapping up the week that was- "China Spy Balloon" week in Montana.





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