If the rabbi says he is the "best Jewish singer alive"- I'm running with it.

We've said it before, but we need to say it again- Montana stands with Israel. Now is your chance to show your support for Israel and our Jewish friends here in Montana, and see an upcoming concert in Bozeman.

Our friend Rabbi Chaim Bruk with the Jewish synagogue in Bozeman is organizing the concert and linked us up with Shulem Lemmer. Rabbi Chaim says Shulem is "the best Jewish singer alive." He's also the grandson of Holocaust survivors.

Rabbi Chaim Bruk: Every day people meet me on Main Street or at the Mall, at the coffee shops and banks, in Uber’s and at Bridger Bowl, they see my Yarmulke and beard, they can tell that I’m Jewish, and they tell me that they stand with the Jewish community, they support Israel. This concert is a great way for Montana to show up, to enjoy Jewish entertainment, and express that communal unity  and oneness, practically.

Shulem has performed in Sydney, Vienna, Sao Paulo and Budapest. While his music is mostly in English, it’s coupled with a dash of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Shulem: My style is trying to bring a wide variety of different types of music, different backgrounds, and different languages- from Hebrew to English, from classical music, to Broadway songs, to classical, traditional Jewish music, and anything and everything, all different types of songs that will uplift the spirits and give hope and give a purpose for the situation we're in.

Here's the full audio of our chat with Shulem:

Here's details for the upcoming event. Purchase tickets by clicking here.



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