Montana stands with Israel. -Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT)

A vigil is planned for Tuesday night at the Jewish synagogue in Bozeman, Montana to show support and solidarity with the people who just suffered a massive terror attack.

Hamas terrorists deliberately targeted and slaughtered hundreds of innocent men, women, and children. They went house to house in Southern Israel and slaughtered entire families. They raped women and then paraded them through the streets. Many others, including Americans, have been kidnapped and are likely facing extreme torture.

We spoke with Rabbi Chaim Bruk on Monday morning from Bozeman. He says the terror attacks that just occurred in Israel are the equivalent of Israel's Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

Rabbi Chaim:  If you would take the per capita with the Israeli population it would be the equivalent of 20,000 Americans murdered. When 1000 Israelis are murdered that's about the equivalent of 20,000 Americans. Imagine if 20,000 Americans were slaughtered, ripped out of their home in the middle of dinner, middle of breakfast, what the response to the United States would be.

The rabbi talked about how Jews in Montana were in the midst of celebrating a major holiday as the terror attacks took place.

Rabbi Chaim: The magnitude of it only really came to life last night when the holiday ended at 7:37 in Bozeman last night, and we turned on our phones just to see the magnitude and the state of shock and the state of mourning. I have no- not only do I not have any patience- I have no interest in conversations about moral equivalency when women have been raped, babies have been put in cages- are captive, full families have been slaughtered- innocent civilians.

We also caught up with Rachel Cone, who moved to Montana four years ago and served as the government affairs director for the Montana Farm Bureau Federation in Helena. She now lives in Jerusalem and joined us on the radio to give Montanans a perspective of what life is like in Israel following the terror attacks.

Click below for the full audio from both conversations:

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