If you talk with your friends who are members of labor unions here in Montana, you're likely to find that they are some of the most conservative folks you will come across. They like their guns. They like to drive their ATVs out in the country. And socially, they're very pro-family.

So why do so many of them still vote for the Democrat party? Three words: Right to Work. It is the favorite bogeyman of the big labor unions.

That's right, the same labor union bosses that are in the back pocket of the union job-killing Democrat party are the same labor union bosses that hardly say a peep when actual labor union jobs are put on the chopping block.

But what is the one thing that still keeps *some* union members voting for the Democrat Party? Right to work legislation.

That's why I gotta weigh in now that the Montana Legislature has effectively killed right to work bills in the Montana Legislature. As the Montana Television Network's Mike Dennison shared via Twitter:

So, all bills under the "right to work" umbrella are now dead at #mtleg (those that would make it more difficult or impossible for unions to collect fees from non-members, or, in some cases, dues from members).

So there you have it labor unions. You lost your favorite bogeyman. Any excuse you had for union members to vote for the Democrat party in Montana is now gone. Maybe now you can speak up for actual labor union workers who are being put out of work by Joe Biden and the Democrats.


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