(Top photo Andy Mansoor, Aaron Flint, Jimmy Slaughter/ Lower left: MT Rep. Kerri Seekins-Crowe, Seth Berglee of Shield Arms, Christie Knudsen, MT Atty General Austin Knudsen, Aaron Flint/ Lower right: Shield Arms firearm)

Brixtel Defense CEO Andy Mansoor tells us they are looking to open up their brand new ammo manufacturing facility in Eastern Montana on February 12th. That's just one of the incredible highlights from day 2 of our SHOT Show coverage in Las Vegas.

The facility in Glendive is part of a $125 million investment in Montana by Brixtel Defense. Brixtel CEO Andy Mansoor and his Chief Strategy Officer Jimmy Slaughter joined us LIVE during our statewide show.

Andy Mansoor: We did a job fair with the Department of Commerce in Glendive, and on the first day within about two hours we had 65 applicants. And that just didn't stop. We've got applicants ready to go to work. And it's just great to see that. Yeah, we might not be able to get to everybody right now, but this gives us more aspiration that that workforce is ready to go. For me, it's a very strong message that I can now go out and say, hey- we can expand.

We also caught up with Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT), who led an Attorneys General forum at the SHOT Show the day before. During the forum, AG Knudsen and several other AG's from states like Iowa, Utah, Indiana and elsewhere touted the success they are having in fighting together as a block of states against the Biden Administration overreach.

AG Knudsen also talked about how sometimes something as simple as sending a letter to outfits pushing a woke agenda can oftentimes be a powerful way to bring the woke nonsense to a halt. He said the "cockroaches" don't like the sunlight when the AG's put the spotlight on them.

AG Knudsen: These people clearly know what they're doing is wrong, because we've had a ton of success just by shining a light on what they're doing. A little bit of publicity, send them a letter with with some of our names on it- hey, we're going to investigate this. We see what you're doing. We don't think it's proper. And the number of times that they've backed away from stuff like that is just pretty telling.

Seth Berglee with Shield Arms also joined us to talk about their success and expanded product line at their company headquarters in Bigfork, Montana. Full audio in Thursday's 9 a.m. hour below. 

Check back in Friday for our day 3 highlights.

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