You know what the big story was out of Missoula six days ago? The Missoula health board was urging Missoulians to wear N95 masks. Why? We all know why- because cloth masks don't work, they don't block viruses.

We've been saying that for the last two years, but apparently now it is okay to start telling the truth.

That's what makes this video out of the Missoula school board even more crazy. Check it out. One member of the Missoula County Public Schools' Board of Trustees was not wearing a mask for the school board meeting, so the radical liberal members of the board decided to shut the meeting down altogether (even though they all had plenty of distance in between them).

Here's the video thanks to Brooke Hudson with



Here's part of the transcript:

Board Chair: I would like the record to reflect that. Trustee Gehl has chosen not to wear a mask in spite of the fact that everyone else in the room was wearing a mask and that the district requires teachers and students who are masks. Trustee Gehl, could I please ask you to wear a mask?

Trustee Gehl: As I've stated before, chairman, I'm not required to. If you can state a state code that is- I'm obligated to follow. I would be more than happy to follow that, but I'm not bound by any state statute whatsoever.

Board Chair: No, but you're bound by common courtesy and personal hygiene, to keep yourself to yourself. So may I ask you again, please, just for the sake of not spreading germs around the room? Could you please wear a mask?

Trustee Gehl: You're wearing yours? I don't feel I need to wear mine.

Board Chair: Okay, let the record reflect that trustee Gail has refused to wear a mask.


Can you hear how out of breath the chair of the board is? Someone needs to reactivate Operation Warp Speed and get Trump to send her a ventilator...

By the way, it turns out the trustee who refused to wear the mask is a retired law enforcement officer. Thanks for standing up for liberty and the law once again Trustee Gehl!


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