All lives matter. A homeless man murdered, allegedly by a 19 year old in Kalispell- his life mattered. So too did the life of a young man working at a gym in Kalispell. He was shot by a homeless man back in 2021.

After a homeless man murdered a local gym manager in Kalispell back in 2021 did the media attack the homeless advocates in the Flathead Valley? Did the media attack the politicians who oppose cracking down on the transients threatening local residents?

Yet, here we are roughly two years later and a homeless man was beaten to death allegedly by a 19 year old in Kalispell and the narrative is much different. The Daily Beast, a Left wing outlet, has some clearly despicable coverage attacking the local Flathead County Commissioners. "GOP Board Whipped Up Homeless Hate. Then a Man Was Murdered." That was The Daily Beast headline.

The homeless situation in the Flathead has gotten almost as bad as the homeless situation in Missoula. Locals are afraid to visit their local parks, they've been threatened on their local trails, and a man was recently murdered. What is the response from media outlets like The Daily Beast? Shut up. Threats to your safety don't matter.

Sadly, the local Daily Inter Lake followed the same lecturing path. "Scott Bryan’s life mattered," they wrote in a recent editorial. Well, yes- his life did matter. But the paper then goes on to lecture locals concerned about their safety about how "harmful rhetoric about homelessness must stop."

In other words- shut up. Your life doesn't matter. Your safety doesn't matter.


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