It's been one of my favorite jokes for a long time: Walk into a dollar store and ask how much something is. The absent-minded clerk grabs the microphone. "Price check on aisle... OH COME ON! It's A DOLLAR!"

Well, not any more thanks to a sudden rise in the cost of... everything.

On Tuesday Dollar Tree announced that that it will begin selling items at $1.25 and $1.50 at some locations for the first time. It will also add $3 and $5 items to more stores, expanding on a prior strategy in recent years to move away from only offering goods for $1. Dollar Tree CEO Michael Witynski also told the Wall Street Journal that the addition of items above $1 was in part a response to rising costs the chain is facing. (CNN Business).

The company said that you will see some higher prices to allow their stores to expand their assortment and introduce new products.

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Well, okay if they must. But that ruins some perfectly good jokes told by some great comedians.

Man on stage being booed

I left a one-star review on my local dollar store.
They didn’t sell any dollars

I was at the dollar store and saw balloons labeled $1 a piece. I grabbed 3 and went to the cashier who told me the total was $5.28. I guess that’s the price of inflation

I wish the “Price is Right” would partner with the Dollar Store.
You are CORRECT again! ONE DOLLAR!

I'm going to open a dollar store in England
It'll be called Pound Town.

During a job interview at the 99 Cents store my son was asked, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" he replied, “At the Dollar Store.” He got the job.

I got in touch with my inner self today. That's the last time I'll buy 1-ply toilet paper at the dollar store.

We also have to wonder if they will change their name. But to what exactly? Dollar-ish Store? Maybe they will get clever and call it Dollar-Plus-Store. How about Dollar-N-Change-Store? A radio listener of mine suggested - A Buck-N-Change A Few Dollars More. But the company has people who work on stuff like this. So, what the heck- let them figure it out.

One thing for sure, when you go to buy those cheap junk gifts at Christmas for those people you feel obligated to get presents for but really don't want to, you'll have to shell out a few extra coins.

For those of you looking to cut back on your spending, just where do you go to now if shopping at the dollar store just got more expensive?

Sorry kids, I'll have to cut back on your allowance. You're school supplies just got a little more expensive.

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