Rep. John Fuller (R-Whitefish) is one of our great Vietnam Veterans. He has also served as a school teacher and school superintendent. And, he's been working to defend access to girls and women's sports. As a result, the liberal Washington Post took a shot at him in their recent hit piece attempting to trash Montana.

Rep. Fuller responded earlier this week by calling in to the statewide radio talk show, Montana Talks with Aaron Flint.

On protecting girls sports:

Rep. Fuller: I have defended young people for over 50 years, and I will continue to do so on my bill that made it so that young women have equal access to athletics and sports.

On the increase in suicides in Montana following school closures, mask mandates, and other restrictions:

Rep. Fuller: When we disrupt their lives so terribly as we have done for the past year and a half, when we locked them down, when we make them wear masks, when we tell them they can't do this, and they can't meet with their friends, and meeting with their friends is wrong...quite naturally, they go inward and look inward, and then they- adolescets magnify everything that goes wrong by definition...Until America gets back to normal and allows young people to fully fulfill and pursue their dreams this is probably going to continue.

Here's the full audio of the phone call from Rep John Fuller:

My response to Rep Fuller:

Aaron Flint: I think most Montanans are completely behind you on supporting the protection of girls and women's sports, and that was legislation that needed to be put forward. And for The Washington Post to attack you because of that legislation just shows how out of touch and disconnected they are from reality in my perspective.



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