When I first saw this photo of the free camping sign on the RV in Bozeman, Montana- I thought it was just some meme that somebody created for the Internet. Nope, it was actually parked in Bozeman, and it was meant to deliver a very important point.

"Urban camping" is the fluffy term they are using to soften the description of what is really happening in Bozeman with the homeless, transient crisis that city leaders are allowing to take place.

Longtime locals are furious at the liberal government of Bozeman for what they are doing to the town. You may recall the news we shared with you featuring the Montana State Bobcat football great Dane Fletcher and how he called out the city government for putting kids at risk.

Check out how a brother and sister in Bozeman decided to get creative with how they called out the city. Jane from Bozeman called into our radio show one day and told us how her and her brother decided to put this sign on the side of the camper. As you can see above, the sign reads: "PRIME DOWNTOWN CAMPER PARKING, FIRST MONTH FREE." The sign then gives folks a number to call, and the number goes straight to the mayor's office.

Jane: We were born and raised here in Bozeman. It's a shame what is being allowed to happen on our streets of our hometown. The urban camping- or the homeless encampments really is what they are- they have just taken over. You know businesses have been forced to file lawsuits against the city because they refuse to enforce their own laws. The city's ignoring the loitering, the disturbing the peace, the disorderly conduct, the public inebration, the public urination...

She added that the cops are being told to stand down by the city.

Listen to the full call from Jane in Bozeman halfway thru the below podcast:


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