Earlier this year, I couldn't help but mention a dinner being put on by the Democrats in Flathead County, Montana. $55 for a dinner and I can't even get a steak. Wait a minute, they're having an all vegetarian dinner- and a gun control guy is their keynote speaker? Do they even realize they are in Montana?

The speaker was a guy by the name of Ryan Busse. He made a lot of money in the gun industry. Then he made more money trashing the gun industry and pushing for gun control. He recently got a lot of attention for writing a book critical of the gun industry. (MSNBC loves him) He also serves as a senior advisor to the Giffords gun control group and helped out with Biden's presidential campaign.

Anyway, we joked about the Flathead Democrats' dinner and the gun control guy on the radio. We also mentioned how his kids are part of the climate kids lawsuit here in Montana.

A while back on Twitter he said he wanted to be on the show. We urged him to call in anytime. He never called in. But since then, he announced he is running for Governor as a Democrat in 2024. So last week he joined us in studio. (If he wasn't a candidate for office, we would have had him on for a much longer amount of time- and taken lots of phone calls)

I expected him to come in guns a'blazin (figuratively speaking of course) in support of gun control. Instead, he tried to make it sound like he doesn't support gun control and that he was simply paid $150 an hour by the State of California in order to serve as an expert witness in their gun control case.

I also wondered why, if he is so concerned about CO2 and climate change- why did he drive to Billings all the way from Kalispell when he could have saved the carbon and called into the show instead.

Either way, for those of you who missed the show- here's the audio (Busse was on towards the end of the 8a hour):

I don't know if he dropped in and said hi to the Breakfast Flakes or not. They're right down the hall also.

By the way, here he is on MSNBC criticizing a pro-2nd Amendment ruling out of the United States Supreme Court.

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