There was some big national news talking guns while we were broadcasting LIVE from the big SHOT Show in Las Vegas. The ATF making yet another move on gun owners, and the news of Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin being charged with involuntary manslaughter certainly created a buzz.

We talked about the news above, and the latest guns and gear that is catching the eye of Tom Gresham. He is the host of Gun Talk radio that is heard on Sundays on 970AM KBUL radio out of Billings, and elsewhere across the state and nation.

Check out the full audio of our chat below. Here are some highlights.

There is a LOT of new products coming out at SHOT Show 2023

Tom Gresham: We had COVID and people buying guns like crazy, and ammo, and there's no ammo on the floor and the shelves. There was no guns out there. And so gun makers, and ammo makers too, didn't bring out anything new. Because they just wanted to keep the lines running. Not gonna shut down a line for two weeks while we set up for something. Now that that's over, we're seeing this rush of new products, and I don't care where you go, you walk into a booth and go what's new and they say- 'well, how much time you got...I was shooting a Beretta bolt action rifle that's a straight pull- you don't lift the bolt, you just pull it straight back and go straightforward. Incredibly fast, and I go that was cool that was neat. And then there's these guys, two brothers been working on this for 10 years- this is their first time to come to SHOT Show. They're making suppressors from carbon fiber. And the suppressors, like the one for the 22, weighs two and a half ounces,and they work really well. So you have everything from massive Ruger and Springfield Armory and Beretta, to two brothers that have this little product they've been working on for 10 years to come here. And so it's fun to kind of duck into the little booths, because you never know what you're gonna find. But the stories are everywhere. And there's a lot of cool new products.

He also had some great words for the Shield Arms magazines out of Bigfork, Montana.

What did he have to say about the Alec Baldwin case and the ATF? That and more in the audio below.

Full audio from our chat with Tom Gresham:

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