I know it's hunting season and you might be shooting the breeze (possibly literally) with your buddies about the best shots you've ever made.

In Montana, it's for bragging rights. Most gun-loving people in our state find it totally embarrassing if you can't hit anything.

I remember on our first Flakes trip in 1996 we were on a cruise somewhere in the middle of nowhere and they offered trap shooting one afternoon. Yes, there is, or was, such a thing as trap shooting on a cruise...

Mark and I thought this would be fun so we went on the starboard side, top deck. That's ship lingo. We were watching all these people from big cities trying to shoot clay pigeons.

It was a joke. If someone was able to hit just one the people would erupt in applause. When it was my turn I grabbed this piece of crap shotgun and hit 4 out of 5. I told Mark I figured out that it shoots low, so aim above them. Mark then hit 5 of 5 he turned around and asked the people if there was any question about who the guys from Montana were.

The wide eyes and fearful looks on these people's faces were priceless. They all backed away slowly and looked at us like we were Freeman or something.

There are just some things in Montana that we care about more than others. What winery we go to or what building we work in or what kind of car we drive, not interesting for us. Nope.

But for many, being able to hit something running from long range is worth crowing about.

See ya tonight at Casino 8 & Cellar 8 on Gabel for a trip stop by to get in on the Flakes giveaway. Better hurry time is running out.

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