Fishing has been pretty slow for me this year. I have not had much success landing fish. Yet, Montana has seen multiple state records broken this year. Back in May, the Montana state record walleye was caught on Holter Lake near Helena, and weighed 18.02 pounds. In March, a new state record longnose sucker was caught, weighing 3.42 pounds. In April, a Billings man broke the Montana state record for largemouth bass, with a catch weighing 9.6 pounds. And, lets not forget the enormous Montana state record brown trout, caught near Conrad, that weighed a whopping 32.43 pounds.

Breaking state records is something that every angler can dream of. Even getting close to breaking a state record would be the catch of a lifetime. But, imagine landing a WORLD RECORD breaking fish? One Montana bowfisherman did just that earlier this summer, and it is MASSIVE.

According to Field and Stream

Steve Harris, Jr. shot and reeled in a world-record paddlefish earlier this month. The whopper fish weighed 92-pounds, was 67 inches long, and had a girth of 37 inches. It easily topped the previous record, an 89-pounder caught on the Missouri River in Nebraska in 2019.

Steve's fish was caught in the Yellowstone river, which is more known for its trout fishing than paddlefish. Still, Steve set his sights on landing a prehistoric fish with his sharp stick and string.

Now, in regards to the record. The paddlefish was a far from beating the Montana state record. That record was set in 1973, with a 142.5 pound paddlefish. But, since the fish was caught using bowfishing equipment, it has been certified as a world record fish by the Bowfishing Association of America. 

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