This week in Farmer Finishers, we have a lot to cover.

I wrote a timely article on why Matt Rosendale should stay right where he's at in the house. Right after that we had a surprise visit from Tim Sheehy who is most likely the one to take on Jon Tester. Good news! Rosendale suspended his Senate run. Now those funds can be used to combat the 95 million dollars in already scheduled advertising to put Tester back in.

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We have a busy week already in the works for next week.

After the holiday on Monday, we have Dr Garcia coming in on Tuesday to discuss some new things in the works for the school district. You folks with kids in school may want to tune into that at about 7:20.

On Thursday, we have Stacy Zinn coming in to discuss her run for the house. That will be interesting considering the new developments with Rosendale.

We will talk about what's new at the Home Improvement show on Wednesday.

Maybe one line on Monday on the subject of a new pool on the south side. It's the original pool that they put in in 1914 and it needs serious work. I have an idea of how to get them there or at least get them started.

Avalanche danger has been elevated because of the recent snows so be alert while snowmobiling or skiing this weekend. But you know that...

Have a great weekend and we'll see ya back here Monday at 5.


A historic Montana train station that has become a target for vandalism is in desperate need of repair.

Gallery Credit: jessejames


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