Why did I put together an "A-Z Missoula Street Names" list? That's an excellent question that I don't have an answer to. It just hit me when I was thinking about what to write today.

Riveting stuff, I know.


I compiled the list from Geographic.org, which lists every street in or around Missoula.

Here's my A-Z list of funny, interesting, goofy or odd Missoula Street names.

A - Anglers Bend Way (East Missoula area)

B - Brushpopper Lane (South of town off of Lower Miller Creek Road)

C - Clinkenbeard Lane (West of town, near The Ranch Club Golf Course)

D - Dutton Court (In the Miller Creek Neighborhood)

E - Elderberry Court (Wye area)

F - Fire Bucket Loop (North of Wye)

G - Gunsight Court (West of Ft. Missoula Regional Park)

H - Hermione Lane (Airport area)

I - Inclination Way (Lolo area)

J - Jars Gang Road (North of Wye)

K - Karen Court (Moose Can Gully neighborhood)

L - Ladyslipper Lane (Wye)

M - Muggle Lane (Airport area)

N - Ninebark Way (Turah)

O - Opie's Lane (West of town, off of Mullan Road)

P - Prairie Schooner Lane (West of town, off of Mullan Road)

Q - Quaking Aspen Lane (Upper Rattlesnake area)

R - Roller Coaster Road (South of Wye)

S - Shindig Drive (West of town, off of Mullan Road)

T - Tookie Trek Road (North of Wye)

U - Urfer Way (West of town, south of Council Grove State Park)

V - Valley Wind Lane (West of town, south of Council Grove State Park)

W - Woodcock Drive (West of town, off of Mullan Road)

X - Not available

Y - Yreka Court (University District)

Z - Zephyr Drive (Southwest of Kelly Island)

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