Come January, we jump right into it with the Montana legislature and the US Congress both starting new sessions the first week of January. One of the big hot button topics will continue to be the transgender debate, especially when it comes to the controversial targeting of children by the radical Left.

The "What is a Woman" documentary by Matt Walsh

That being said, if you've got some time off during the holidays, and you're looking for some interesting content to watch and listen to aside from the normal holiday movies and TV shows I would highly recommend the "What is a Woman" documentary by the Daily Wire's Matt Walsh. Walsh exposes how the radical Left is seeking to harm children with life altering surgeries and chemical treatments, while some in the medical industry seek lifelong customers who will end up being hooked on continuous and costly drugs and treatments.

Pro-tip: You have to pay for a subscription to the Daily Wire to watch the documentary. However, you can always pay for the service, watch the film, and then cancel the following month. Either way, I highly recommend reading the Daily Wire on a consistent basis for solid news and commentary.  

The Joe Rogan podcast with Matt Walsh

After you watch "What is a Woman," you'll also want to sit down and listen to the conversation between popular podcaster Joe Rogan and Walsh as they discuss the film. I think what you'll appreciate about both the film and the podcast is that both Rogan and Walsh can talk with people about these issues in a logical, informative way without the hate and the name-calling that you so often find coming from the radical LGBTQ activists. (Notice that I make a distinction between LGBTQ activists, and the "radical" LGBTQ activists)

Here's what stood out to me from the Joe Rogan-Matt Walsh conversation:

I like Rogan's line about how our desire to be compassionate is letting chaos reign. Whether it is criminal justice reform, the transgender movement targeting kids, drug legalization, the homeless population- I think we can point to numerous examples where chaos is reigning across this country.

Matt Walsh made several great points not only concerning the dangerous agenda being pursued by targeting kids with life altering surgeries and chemical treatments, he also made great points about religious liberty and the right of dissent. He pointed out how the Left wants to force you to agree with their controversial agenda.

Rogan and Walsh also made a great point about today's culture where everyone wants to be special without ever having to do anything special.

If you watched the "What is a Woman" documentary, what stood out to you? E-mail me with your thoughts aaron (at)

This topic will continue to come up in Montana

I expect this topic to continue to be an issue during the upcoming legislative session in Montana, especially since Missoula Democrats are sending the first ever transgender lawmaker to the legislature. I imagine the state's Republican majority lawmakers will continue to work to protect children and women's sports from the radical Left-wing agenda in the upcoming session as well.



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