It's probably a good thing he wasn't wearing his cowboy hat, too. That DEFINITELY would have scared some of the liberals on the Missoula school board...okay- sorry but I couldn't resist having a little fun with that one.

We had a great phone call from Michael Gehl, the Missoula school board trustee who was attacked by his fellow school board members for not wearing a mask during a recent meeting. The liberal majority on the board ended up shutting down the entire meeting because he wasn't wearing a mask- even though everybody in the room had plenty of distance in between each other.

Trustee Gehl: This is not about masking, it is about control.

Gehl specifically talked about the negative impacts of the masks on teachers and students in the Missoula schools.

Trustee Gehl: There are some fantastic teachers out there, but they're being bullied by these labor unions and these administrators that want to push their agenda. This is all about taking your individual rights, and being ex law enforcement- individual rights are a key element for me.

For those of you who watched the video of the school board meeting getting shut down, did you notice how the board chair seemed to have trouble breathing with her mask on? Was the mask to blame?

Trustee Gehl: I think what it was is she was almost probably starting to hyperventilate, because- how dare I not listen to her direction.

Here's the full audio of our conversation:

Gehl is a former law enforcement officer who served with the highway patrol and the Lake County Sheriff's Office. As you can see, he is still standing by the law, and our freedoms. Great job Trustee Gehl.


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