They had their chance. They were in charge. They ordered lockdowns, mandates, and other restrictions. The restrictions didn't work. And now they want to do it again. I don't know about you- but the Montana Democrats simply just look desperate for any possible excuse they can find to try and attack Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-MT).

In case you missed it, the Lee Newspapers (which includes The Billings Gazette) ran a piece over the weekend looking at COVID-19 numbers in Montana. In the piece, Montana Democrat leaders were calling on the governor to issue the same type of lockdowns and mandates that failed last year. In fact, this one line from the story showed just how absurd their argument is:

In November 2020, Montana at one point topped the nation in its rate of positive COVID-19 tests.

So the bottom line is this: last year when Montana had a Democrat governor, state mandates, and restrictions- we also had bad COVID numbers. This year, they want to blame COVID numbers on a Republican governor. (Here's another very interesting read on the topic by the way...and from The New York Times at that)

John Jackson, a Montanan with a big national Twitter following picked up on something else after The Billings Gazette sent this tweet out:

Montana is on pace for 2021 to soon eclipse the number of COVID-19 deaths it suffered in 2020, a year vaccines weren't available.

"Read this out loud to yourself," Jackson wrote on Twitter to the Gazette. "Then read it again. It's not making the point you think it is."

He raises a good question. The numbers have gotten worse AFTER the vaccine.

Once again, this whole spectacle reminds me of how the media and the Democrats constantly undercut vaccination efforts with their support for mandates and other restrictions. The public knows the mandates didn't work last year, and the threats of force raise even more questions about the efficacy of the vaccine.


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