Montana's US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is filling a key role for the 2024 elections- he's chairman of the effort to retake the Senate Republican majority as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

We talked with Senator Daines about the latest in border security negotiations, the Houthis, the Iowa Caucus Results and more.

There's one other question I thought I could have asked him- but it definitely is putting the cart before the horse. That question? Would he look to become the next Senate Majority Leader if he succeeds in taking back Republican control of the Senate? The liberal blog, Daily Kos, threw out that speculation a few days ago.

Why is that interesting, if you ask me? It shows how Senator Daines is moving Senate Republicans in a more pro-Trump position, which is frankly where the American people, and Senator Daines, were already at. I think it also shows that more and more people expect Mitch McConnell to eventually step aside sooner rather than later.

On the border security negotiations:

Senator Daines: Walls work. we should build out the wall, there should not be any debate about that. You talk to any border patrol agent they will tell you that walls work, but that's not sufficient. You need the walls, but then you also need the policies that President Trump had in place when he was president that takes away the incentive for people to risk their lives, pay $5,000 bucks to a Mexican cartel to come across our southern border. That's a policy issue on asylum and on parole that the Left wants to see open borders. The Left wants to see this flood of 8 million coming into our country. That's all part of their strategy. So this is the fight at the moment, again- not an immigration, bipartisan battle- this is a battle about national security.


Full audio of our chat with Senator Daines: 



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