I'm betting that Bozeman will be the first town where we see someone driving this new, crazy tough, bulletproof, six-figure, V8 truck. That day will punch yet another hole in my soul and make me question if this place is still for me.

Montana has seen it's fair share of unnecessary vehicles being driven as daily drivers. To each their own, of course. But the short-lived Hummer trend was in full force for a while, and I'm somewhat terrified that this new vehicle will be making it's appearance soon.

Introducing the Rezvani Vengeance. I had not heard of it until just a few days ago when I saw some MOM on TikTok giving a tour of her new vehicle. Sort of blew my mind and not in a good way. It's apparently a glorified, military grade Escalade but that doesn't make it any less crazy to own one. Bulletproof? Really?

Considering how many cuckoo birds with too much money call Montana home, it's not at all unlikely that these will start making an appearance. Top name celebrities with security concerns? Rich men who fear for their man card? Moms who HAVE TO BE the most badass soccer mom on the planet? Unsure.

So what is a Rezvani Vengeance and is it street legal? According to the horse's mouth at Rezvani: "A street-legal, Xtreme Utility Vehicle (XUV), the Rezvani TANK embodies many of the same characteristics found on the military vehicle with the same name." (Yes, this same company makes a tank-like model that is also street legal.)

I'm already picturing the day that I see one driving past me on South Willson or Main Street. Will it be impossible to make assumptions about whoever is driving one of these things? We both know that there WILL be pictures on local social media, complete with witty, snarky comments.


  • Base Model is currently $285K (but the price skyrockets with upgrades).
  • The Military Package includes the following:
  • Armored body panels and bulletproof glass
  • Thermal night vision package
  • Smoke screen
  • Military run-flat tires
  • There's also an over-the-top security package
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Perhaps there's already one or two of these driving around the back roads of the Yellowstone Club that I haven't seen. Should you catch one, you absolutely must share the news. We know it's coming - perhaps it will hurt less if the news comes from a friend.

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