John Rich's bar in Nashville has chosen to not offer Bud Light as one of their customer's choices. When Garth gets his joint open, he thinks that it should be up to the customer. I know that at the bars that I frequent, I'm seeing customers being heckled if they order a Bud Light.

And as I was clicking around researching something for this article, I came across something that strikes me as kind of funny. Cleveland's Major League Baseball team changed its mascot to the Guardians.

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And we all know the NFL's Washington team is now called "The Commanders".

Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

And I saw something else that caught my eye. The Canadian Football League had a team in Edmonton whose mascot was the Eskimos. It's now the Edmonton Elks. I was taught that whether you see one elk or 100, it's they're still called "Elk".

But according to the Britannia Dictionary, says "elks" is OK. But when you see a bunch of them together, it's called a "herd". Or it can also be called a "gang". And right away I could just imagine some young bull elk trying to impress a lady elk by telling her that he "was in a gang".

Also, speaking of Eskimos, the iconic Eskimo Pie has been renamed so as not to offend anybody. They're now called Edy's Pies, so named because one of the founders of the company that make them was Joseph Edy.

For me, no ice cream manufacturers' political stances have affected my ice cream purchases. But that's the world we live in now.

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