I've always been very skeptical and leery of things like ChatGPT and artificial intelligence software. Plus, I'm a cheapskate- so I didn't want to have to sign up and pay for a new service.

But on Tuesday morning, I was interviewing Dr. Robert Marks. He is with the Discovery Institute, he's an engineering professor at Baylor University, and he'll be in Montana this weekend speaking about AI from a Christian worldview perspective. (Click link to find details about the Big Sky Worldview Forum event)

Right while I was LIVE on the radio in the middle of our statewide show talking with Dr. Marks, he talked about asking ChatGPT to write a poem. So while he was talking, I ended up quickly logging on to ChatGPT and asking the AI software "write a poem about plentywood montana."

No, I did not use capital letters or punctuation. That's all I entered, and here's what it spit out- in seconds.

In Plentywood's embrace, fields stretch wide, Montana's beauty, in every stride. Golden plains under endless sky, Nature's canvas, reaching high.

Whispers of wind through prairie grass, In Plentywood, moments will amass. Small-town charm, community strong, Where echoes of history belong.

Pioneer spirit, resilient and true, Mountains in the distance, a majestic view. Plentywood, a gem in Montana's crown, A place where quiet moments abound.

It did pretty good, right? Although, when it says "mountains in the distance"...they are WAY off in the distance from Plentywood. But there really is something majestic about the "endless sky" in Plentywood and Northeast Montana. You feel like you're on the top of the world when you look out at the horizon.

I figured it was time I finally messed around with ChatGPT. Plus, Dr. Marks told me that the platform has actually gotten much better in the last few months. You may recall that last year ChatGPT was being accused of pushing a liberal, "woke" bias with its responses. Dr. Marks says the platform has improved significantly.

Click here for our full conversation:

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