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President Trump promised a vaccine before the end of the year, and he delivered on that promise. Once again, Trump was right, and they were wrong. By "they", of course, we mean the media, the pundits, all of the so-called "experts", and yes- even the CDC.

When it comes to the presidential election results, some people just can't understand why Americans would believe President Trump instead of the media or government bureaucrats. The simplest way to answer- he has consistently been right, and they have consistently been wrong.

It started with the Russia collusion hoax. They claimed he was colluding with Russia. He claimed he was being spied on by the Obama/Biden Administration. Turns out they lied, and he was right. Same thing when it came to the Trump tax cuts. Even in Montana, Democrats claimed revenues would plummet due to the tax cuts. Instead, we saw what was referred to as a "Trump Bump" in revenues due to the stimulation of the economy that resulted from the tax cuts.

How many other apocalyptic predictions did we hear from the media when Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? They predicted the Middle East would be set on fire. Instead, we've seen historic peace deals with Israel sweep across the Arab world.

Oh, and what about the Hunter Biden news that was being suppressed prior to the election?

When it comes to a COVID-19 vaccine- same deal. Trump was right. They were wrong.

If you haven't seen it- there is a must-see Media Research Center montage showing all of the media pundits and health "experts" claiming Trump was living in a fantasyland for thinking we would have a vaccine before the year was over. Check it out here at

This was one of my favorite headlines shared by The Federalist:

“Contradicting The CDC, Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready By End Of Year,” NPR published.

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