Senate Democrats are finally going to cave on border security, but don't buy their bs for a second. They created this crisis. They allowed this invasion.

Democrat senators like Jon Tester (D-MT) allowed millions of illegals, drug cartel operatives, terror watch list individuals, and others to pour into this country.  They don't get to just cut a deal now and then get away with it.

Why am I confident that Senate Democrats are finally going to agree to *some* border security? Because Tester just drafted an op-ed on that very topic. And if we know one thing about the Flip Flip Flat Top fake moderate Jon Tester, he likes to create the disease so he can then profit off of the cure.

Don't fall for it. Open border Leftists like Jon Tester need to be held accountable for the millions already allowed unfettered access into this country. (By the way- David Knobel first made this great point a couple weeks ago when he joined us on the radio...check out his Twitch TV podcast @LCTRfan)

What do I mean by Tester creating the disease so he can profit off of the cure? Remember his phony campaign commercial that aired during the Montana Grizzlies national championship football game with South Dakota State? You know, the one where he claimed to be saving hunter's ed from Joe Biden?

The flip flop flat top is back at it again, pretending to be a moderate during an election year. So, Tester puts out this campaign commercial where he claims that he saved hunter's ed and archery programs in the schools. But here's the deal: Tester voted for the very bill that allowed the Biden Administration to threaten hunter's ed and archery programs in the schools in the first place.

He created the crisis. Then he tried to profit off of it.

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