We've diverted much of our attention to cover the very important Montana flooding stories here in the state, but there's one story that I've been meaning to get a chance to share with you.

It's now been one week since Montana's primary election. One of the big takeaways from my perspective is the big turnout in the Republican primary in Montana compared to how few turned out for the Democrat primary in Montana.

For more on that story, I wanted to turn to someone who knows the numbers, especially when it comes to elections in Montana. Jason Thielman is the chief of staff for Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT). He talked about the big increase in Republican voters in the state, especially in Gallatin County.

Jason Thielman: We've seen a dramatic change occur in that county with population growth, voter registration growth, that up until most recently has been to the detriment of the Republican Party. But in this most recent election, where you've seen since the beginning of the 2016 election- a Democrat turnout advantage in the primary, which was a 7% advantage in the 1028- the last off year election...that's now flipped to a slight Republican advantage in 2022.

Thielman also thinks the recent primary election is a sign that most of the post-pandemic newcomers to the state lean conservative, and will vote in support of Montana values.

Jason Thielman: They're refugees; they are not missionaries. They are folks that are looking to flee the sort of government structure and the horrible policies that chased them out of places like California and New York. They are not missionaries. They are not looking to as much to turn us into that state.

Full audio with Jason Thielman re-capping the Montana primary elections and what it could mean moving forward in Montana politics:

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