Zooey Zephyr, the radical transgender lawmaker who cheered on a mob of activists attacking Montana's House of Representatives earlier this Spring, has now been hit with a campaign finance complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP).

Zephyr is the Democrat state representative for House District 100 in Missoula who is not ruling out a run for the US House of Representatives in 2024The state representative was travelling the country raising money and attending high profile events with liberal activists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It was all part of an effort to capitalize off of the attention following the mob antics inside Montana's capitol that led to several arrests. 

Darin Gaub filed the complaint against Zephyr with the COPP on behalf of The Montana Freedom Caucus. In the complaint, the Montana Freedom Caucus alleges that Zephyr violated Montana campaign finance law by fundraising for, and paying expenses related to, a 2024 campaign that had not yet been approved by the state. The complaint alleges that Zephyr raised nearly $100,000 from at least 30 states and yet only reported two expenses.

Here's a screenshot from the complaint detailing the allegations against Zephyr.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-08-08 163559

Here's the link to the full complaint on the COPP website.

Some important questions have been raised here by the Montana Freedom Caucus. Zephyr went on a very expensive trip- showing up on "The View" TV set in New York...showing up on the beach in Florida...who paid for the expensive trip? Who is filling the campaign coffers of this state rep from Missoula?

A request for comment has also been sent to Rep. Zephyr for reaction to this campaign finance complaint.

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Who is Zooey Zephyr? Click here for Jeremy Carl's full writeup that we shared earlier this year.


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