Senator John Barrasso recently spoke about what he believes to be an "obessesion with taxing and spending" that President Biden and House Democrats seemingly have.

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"Inflation is actually roaring back," Senator Barrasso stated. "The price hikes are such that it's the largest since 2008.And it's hitting people in their wallets when they buy gas, when they buy groceries, you name it. Gas prices are now over $3 a gallon. The last time we had that in the United States was seven years ago."

Barrasso said that the current state of the economy is due to the Biden Administration and the policies it has presented.

"When you take a look at the Biden Administration and their deliberate policies of attacking American energy, there's no surprise that energy prices are up," he said. "This is predictable and it would have been preventable."

Barrasso continued, stating that "Right now, we're using more oil imported from Vladimir Putin and Russia than we're using oil from Alaska. That's the result of the policies from this administration. So whether you need to either heat your home or cool your home, you're gonna pay more."

Barrasso then spoke about the Colonial Pipeline, which was shut down due to a cyber attack from hackers.

"We had one pipeline that shut down last week," he said. "It caused panic, it caused long lines, and we're going to see more of this with this administration's policies. So people are paying more, but it's not just going to be about energy costs. We're also seeing it for products. Used cars and used trucks are up ten percent in costs last month alone. Higher grocery prices."

Barrasso said that it's not just Republicans who see it this way, either.

"President Obama's Secretary of Treasury had said that this was going to happen if you continue with this massive amount of spending of this administration. You saw it with the last so-called Stimulus Bill; a coronavirus relief which wasn't about coronavirus relief. It was going to overheat the economy and that's exactly happened."

He continued, saying that "The thing that was a surprise to [President Obama's Secretary] was that the rates of inflation have gone up so quickly, faster than anyone expected."

Barrasso said Biden and the House Democrats cannot keep spending money the way they have been, or it's just going to further harm the country.

"This administration, and Democrats, have an absolutely misguided obsession with taxing and spending, and this is going to be to the detriment of the American people."


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