The Senate is working on a new gun bill brought on recently by the shooting in Texas. When emotions run high and there is a chance to advance an agenda, congress always jumps in.

I have no problem with stricter background checks when someone buys a gun. I do have a problem with gun confiscation if people feel you shouldn't have one due to something they feel is a threat but that is a whole different discussion.

The fact of the matter is during the Obama-Biden administration they failed to act when they had control of congress and numerous shootings occurred over those 8 years. Think how many lives could have been saved. Right?

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Also in this bill is school security measures. So now it's important.

Locally, we tried for years to get schools in the area metal detectors, and only about a dozen took us up on the offer. School administrators didn't want to turn their schools into prisons.

So what are they going to do now if their political allies in congress tell them you need security and detectors? Will they still say no or will they comply because a couple of radio announcers aren't compelling them to act? Another factor is this time the government will pay and not the Flakes.

Metal Detectors in Chicago High School
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Politics is what cost lives, whether it's action or inaction. You never separate people from society if they are a threat, you just try to remove everything that law-abiding citizens can use responsibly. Tougher background checks, that's a start but school security is long overdue.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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