A LEGO wall? Alright. You got my attention.

Check out what this 8th grader is doing at Lewis & Clark Middle School in Billings. Here's how you can help.

Gabi Shaw says she is trying to build a LEGO wall for the Boys and Girls Club of America, but she doesn't have enough LEGOs.

OK- come on now. How many of you are still stepping on those pesky things in the dark while you stumble through the house? Save your feet and help BUILD THAT WALL!

Here's more of what Gabi had to say in a flyer shared by Billings School District 2. She says she is doing the program as a way to help boost self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety in kids.

Want to help? Here’s how: #1. Donate LEGOs! A LEGO wall without LEGOs is not very much fun. Help me by donating LEGOs! They can be new or used. You can drop the LEGOs off at 2817 Second Ave. North, Suite 202 during business hours, 8:30-5:00 or contact me using my e-mail—gabishaw4(at)gmail.com, and we can pick them up from you...If you would like to help, but have no LEGOs or can’t bear parting with them, NO PROBLEM! Help me by donating money!

Gabi also sent out this GoFundMe page where people can donate.

According to the GoFundMe page, Gabi says she was chosen for an assignment titled the "Two Roads Project" to foster leadership and community service among students. She says playing with LEGOs stimulates young minds and reduces stress among students.

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