Gun-rights author, expert, and economist John Lott, Jr. says Montanans need to speak up against the radical anti-gun nominee that Joe Biden is putting forward to head up the ATF.

So far, Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) is not saying how he will vote on the nomination of David Chipman to head up the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). But, as John Lott points out- Tester has voted for every other radical Biden nominee.

Lott is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and now lives in Montana. Here's the full audio with John Lott and Aaron Flint:

What do Montanans need to know about Chipman?

Lott: Well, he used to be a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg's gun control groups and Gabby Gifford's gun control organization. You have moderate Republicans such as Susan Collins, who's consistently supported Biden's other nominees for other positions, who has pointed out the Chipman has made many comments that are demeaning to law abiding gun owners. He the talks about things like advising people not to buy guns because buying a gun puts themselves and their families in danger. He talks about saying that, if you do decide to buy a gun, you should hide it behind cans of tuna, beef jerky, that you've stored in the cabinet, and only bring it out if the zombies start to appear. He just belittles gun owners constantly. But in terms of the substance that he has, he wants to have gun registration licensing for virtually all semi-automatic rifles, and a $200 fee.

How much power does the ATF have over gun owners or gun dealers?

Lott:  It's a huge amount of power because he interprets the regulations here...The goal here is to make it more costly, more difficult for people to be able to go and buy guns and there's a range of options. So if you make guns, you have to go and get approval from the ATF. Well, how quickly do they give you the approval? What are they going to classify as a gun?

He talked about SBRs and more that can be heard in the audio above.

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