Missoula is now going to open up a new homeless camp to help get the illegal sites off of Reserve Street. The new one will be located by the Wal-Mart superstore. I'm sure to the delight of the store managers and law enforcement.

According to the city of Missoula's website, this new camp opening Jan. 18 will include 24/7 security and free trash removal. The citizens of Missoula do not get free trash removal. It also includes restrooms with sanitation. They are adding fire pits at the site for warmth although I'm sure they will be burning wood or other combustibles leaving a carbon footprint.

There will be designated quiet hours and no drugs or alcohol will be allowed in the public areas, you'll have to do that in your own tent. The Poverello Center's outreach team will also provide camping gear, food, and whatever the people need. Missoula county commissioner Josh Slotnick is reportedly known to have said "Doing nothing is not an option," according to Missoula mayor John Engen who spoke with the Missoulian.

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Hey Mr. Slotnick, then why is doing nothing an option for the homeless? Why don't they have to submit to drug and alcohol testing to live there and make it a safe environment?

There are Americans who have to walk around with vaccination cards to prove they're not a threat. Do the homeless who live there have to be vaccinated?

This will not fix your homeless problem, in fact, in my opinion, this will bring more into the area if anything. I mean, why wouldn't you want to live there with all of the freebies? Now that they don't have to spend money on necessities what do you think their pocket money will be spent on?

Portland and San Francisco here we come.

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