As a Navy SEAL who started his training in Southern California, Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy is no stranger to the southern border. It's never been THIS bad. That's what Sheehy had to say during a recent visit to the border.

The full video is below. Here is what Sheehy, who also serves as an aerial firefighter and CEO of Bridger Aerospace in Belgrade, had to say about the ground invasion of illegal aliens currently underway.

Hey Everyone. here along the southern border. I actually used to live along the southern border- Imperial Beach, California. I'd see the wall from my apartment. Train in Yuma Proving Grounds here at Camp Billy Machen where Navy SEALs do land warfare training just down the road. I know this area well. Seen it across four presidencies- Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden. Never seen it like this before. This is a complete catastrophe we're seeing down here. And it's because of one reason. It's because of the Democrat policies of Joe Biden enabled by Jon Tester, Chuck Schumer. It's a disaster, human rights disaster, humanitarian disaster, and a national security disaster. We need to fix the southern border issue. We need to stop incentivizing illegal immigration. We need to fix it now when we can. Send me to the Senate. I'll get it done.

Here it is

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Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood


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